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Professional Portfolio

ECMAScript Engineer

ECMAScript Engineer
Professional portfolio of JavaScript projects, tools, talking points, and historical notes dating back to the golden age of footguns and ropelongs.

Domain Specific Languages


BLUEPHRASE A markup language without the limitations of Markdown — a complete lossless expression of HTML — for declarative templating and content authoring.


V Language
Nullipotent, declarative, and interpreted
No side effects, no surprises

Author Living out the remaining days of my life on the only habitable planet I’ll ever know.

Read Write Grok
Follow along as Tangled Web Services boldly goes where tech has gone before.

2020 Stack

2020 Stack It's time to rethink the term full stack.

Javascript Fanboi

Javascript Fanboi I've finally made peace with the growing maturity of JavaScript. It's not a toy language anymore.

Clocks and Calendars
Computational Solutions to Time Problems

Who needs a big press, when you can have your own small press?

There's a God for that
Optimism in the Face of Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Meltdowns

Another New Year's Eve Freshet
A survey of the Laguna de Santa Rosa floodplain

Visualization of data

Orthographic Space
JavaScript Orthographic Earth

More J.O.E. websites

You Can Help by Speaking Up
Can the Japanese Lead us to a Nuclear-free World?
2011 radionuclide dispersal near Fukushima


Columbus to Philadelphia
2010 Mawr cycloventure

Ohio to Erie Trail
2009 Cincinnati to Cleveland

Komatsu 小松市 to Takayama 高山
2008 journal entries


What could be simpler than one word per year?

The Well Versed Journal
A humorous masquerade of an all-too-serious newspaper

Lifetime learner
A few perspectives

An early take on the now popular concept of full stack
The Compleat Botanica: An online archive of plant nomenclature
JavaScript 3 modules, pre-dating JQuery

There's only one Joe Honton